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Capcell PAK C18 AG,SG series

Type of Packing MaterialModelParticle size (µ)Pore Size (Å)Surface Area (m2/g)Carbon Load (%)PH rangeUSP Category
Cat No.ModelType of Packing MaterialParticle size (µ)Diameter (mm)
12501C18AG12054.6 x 35
12505C18AG12054.6 x 50
12516C18AG12054.6 x 75
12502C18AG12054.6 x 100
12503C18AG12054.6 x 150
12504C18AG12054.6 x 250
12506C18AG12056.0 x 35
12508C18AG12056.0 x 150
12509C18AG12056.0 x 250
14501C18AG120510 x 20G
14504C18AG120510 x 250
14506C18AG120515 x 30G
14508C18AG120515 x 250
15501C18AG120520 x 50G
15504C18AG120520 x 250
16500C18AG120530 x 50G
16501C18AG120530 x 250
12410C18AG120 Guard Cartridge (2pcs.)54.0 x 10
Type of Packing MaterialModelParticle size (µ)Pore Size (Å)Surface Area (m2/g)Carbon Load (%)PH rangeUSP Category
C18 SG1205120300142-9L1
C18 SG3005300150102-9L1
Cat No.ModelType of Packing MaterialParticle size (µ)Diameter (mm)
11310C18SG12034.6 x 35
11311C18SG12034.6 x 50
11300C18SG12034.6 x 75
11312C18SG12034.6 x 100
11314C18SG12034.6 x 150
11315C18SG12034.6 x 250
11290C18 SG12051.5 x 35
11292C18 SG12051.5 x 150
11291C18 SG12051.5 x 250
11294C18 SG12052.0 x 35
11293C18 SG12052.0 x 150
11295C18 SG12052.0 x 250
12521C18 SG12053.0 x 35
12518C18 SG12053.0 x 150
12519C18 SG12053.0 x 250
12510C18 SG12054.6 x 35
12514C18 SG12054.6 x 50
12517C18 SG12054.6 x 75
12511C18 SG12054.6 x 100
12512C18 SG12054.6 x 150
12513C18 SG12054.6 x 250
13510C18 SG12056.0 x 35
13512C18 SG12056.0 x 150
13513C18 SG12056.0 x 250
14510C18 SG120510 x 20G
14513C18 SG120510 x 250
15510C18 SG120515 x 30G
15512C18 SG120515 x 150
15513C18 SG120515 x 250
16510C18 SG120520 x 50G
16512C18 SG120520 x 150
16513C18 SG120520 x 250
26500C18 SG120530 x 30G
26501C18 SG120530 x 250
12411C18SG120 Guard Cartridge (2pcs.)54.0 x 10
12527C18 SG30051.0 x 35G
12528C18 SG30051.0 x 150
11500C18 SG30051.0 x 50
11504C18 SG30051.0 x 250
11519C18 SG30052.0 x 35G
11520C18 SG30052.0 x 50
11523C18 SG30052.0 x 150
11525C18 SG30052.0 x 250
12520C18 SG30054.6 x 35G
12524C18 SG30054.6 x 50
12525C18 SG30054.6 x 75
12526C18 SG30054.6 x 100
12522C18 SG30054.6 x 150
12523C18 SG30054.6 x 250
13520C18 SG30056.0 x 35G
13522C18 SG30056.0 x 150
13523C18 SG30056.0 x 250
14520C18 SG300510 x 20G
14523C18 SG300510 x 250
15520C18 SG300515 x 30G
15523C18 SG300515 x 250
16520C18 SG300520 x 50G
16522C18 SG300520 x 150
16523C18 SG300520 x 250
15524C18 SG300530 x 30G
16525C18 SG300530 x 250
12418C18 SG300 Guard Cartridge (2pcs.)54.0 x 10
Type of Packing MaterialModelParticle size (µ)Pore Size (Å)Surface Area (m2/g)Carbon Load (%)PH rangeUSP Category
C18 Superiorex5-520242-8L3
Cat No.ModelType of Packing MaterialParticle size (µ)Diameter (mm)
41403C18 Superiorex50.3 x 150
41393C18 Superiorex50.5 x 150
41409C18 Superiorex51.0 x 35
41410C18 Superiorex51.0 x 50
41411C18 Superiorex51.0 x 75
41412C18 Superiorex51.0 x 100
41413C18 Superiorex51.0 x 150
41414C18 Superiorex51.0 x 250
41418C18 Superiorex51.5 x 35
41419C18 Superiorex51.5 x 50
41420C18 Superiorex51.5 x 75
41421C18 Superiorex51.5 x 100
41422C18 Superiorex51.5 x 150
41423C18 Superiorex51.5 x 250
41428C18 Superiorex52.0 x 20
41429C18 Superiorex52.0 x 35
41430C18 Superiorex52.0 x 50
41431C18 Superiorex52.0 x 75
41432C18 Superiorex52.0 x 100
41433C18 Superiorex52.0 x 150
41434C18 Superiorex52.0 x 250
41501C18 Superiorex54.6 x 35
41502C18 Superiorex54.6 x 50
41506C18 Superiorex54.6 x 75
41507C18 Superiorex54.6 x 100
41503C18 Superiorex54.6 x 150
41504C18 Superiorex54.6 x 250
42501C18 Superiorex510 x 35G
42502C18 Superiorex510 x 50
42500C18 Superiorex510 x 150
42503C18 Superiorex510 x 250
41510C18 Superiorex515 x 30G
41511C18 Superiorex515 x 50
41515C18 Superiorex515 x 250
43501C18 Superiorex520 x 35G
43502C18 Superiorex520 x 50
43505C18 Superiorex520 x 75
43506C18 Superiorex520 x 100
43507C18 Superiorex520 x 150
43503C18 Superiorex520 x 250
43598C18 Superiorex530 x 30G
43599C18 Superiorex530 x 50
43600C18 Superiorex530 x 75
43601C18 Superiorex530 x 100
43602C18 Superiorex530 x 150
43603C18 Superiorex530 x 250
43610C18 Superiorex550 x 50G
43614C18 Superiorex550 x 250
12076C18 Superiorex Guard Cartridge (2)52.0 x 10
12077C18 Superiorex Guard Cartridge (2)52.0 x 20
12078C18 Superiorex Guard Cartridge (2)54.0 x 10
12079C18 Superiorex Guard Cartridge (2)54.0 x 20
42504C18 Superiorex R&D54.6/10x250
43504C18 Superiorex R&D54.6/20x250