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Capcell PAK Chiral series

Type of Packing MaterialModelParticle size (µ)Pore Size (Å)Surface Area (m2/g)Carbon Load (%)PH rangeUSP Category
Chiral RU-1540300-3-6.5-
Chiral RU-12040300-3-6.5-
Chiral RU-2540300-3-6.5-
Cat No.ModelType of Packing MaterialParticle size (µ)Diameter (mm)
50501Chiral RU-154.6 x 35G
50503Chiral RU-154.6 x 150
50504Chiral RU-154.6 x 250
50522Chiral RU-1510 x 20G
50523Chiral RU-1510 x 150
50524Chiral RU-1510 x 250
50525Chiral RU-1520 x 35G
50527Chiral RU-1520 x 150
50526Chiral RU-1520 x 250
50528Chiral RU-12030 x 30G
50529Chiral RU-12030 x 250
50601Chiral RU-254.6 x 35G
50603Chiral RU-254.6 x 150
50604Chiral RU-254.6 x 250
50611Chiral RU-2510 x 20G
50612Chiral RU-2510 x 150
50613Chiral RU-2510 x 250
50614Chiral RU-2520 x 35G
50615Chiral RU-2520 x 150
50616Chiral RU-2520 x 250
50618Chiral RU-2530 x 30G
50619Chiral RU-2530 x 250
80038ChiralCD-Ph52.0 x 35
80043ChiralCD-Ph52.0 x 150
80044ChiralCD-Ph52.0 x 250
80051ChiralCD-Ph54.6 x 35G
80052ChiralCD-Ph54.6 x 50
80053ChiralCD-Ph54.6 x 150
80054ChiralCD-Ph54.6 x 250
80061ChiralCD-Ph510 x 20G
80064ChiralCD-Ph510 x 250
80071ChiralCD-Ph520 x 35G
80073ChiralCD-Ph520 x 150
80074ChiralCD-Ph520 x 250
80080ChiralCD-Ph530 x 30G
80081ChiralCD-Ph530 x 50
80084ChiralCD-Ph530 x 250
80039ChiralCD-Ph Guard Cartridge (2pcs.)54.0 x 10